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Monolith LeChef charcoal barbecue BBQ-Guru edition


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BBQ GURU Edition

Taking advantage of the extreme heat retention properties of ceramic, which make it ideal for electronic control, we have developed the Guru edition Monolith with integrated fan.

It is not necessary to try to fix annoying adapters in the air inlet, since with the new Monolith Guru edition it comes standard.

The GURU intelligent complete system consists of:

  • A smart fan, which comes by default in this edition.

In all Pro Series 2.0 models that are not GURU edition, it can be purchased separately since they now all come with a pre-installed adapter for the fan.

  • And, in addition, you can choose an intelligent temperature control device with a sensor that is available in different versions: DynaQ and UltraQ.

    This Kamado does not include but requires the temperature control system to work together with the fan. If you already own it, this is the ideal model and if not, we recommend that you study the different controls and choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Combined operation: BBQ Guru fan + BBQ Guru smart controller

    The BBQ Guru smart controller has a temperature sensor placed on the grill grate that monitors the temperature of the cooking space and then the digital control unit (BBQ Guru) regulates the temperature control. temperature.

    If the temperature of the cooking space drops, the fan blows air (oxygen) into the combustion chamber and causes the charcoal to generate higher temperatures. Once the target temperature has been reached, the fan only blows air in batches so that it maintains the target temperature previously set on the BBQ Guru smart device.

    The device is available in 3 different versions but if you do not purchase it at the moment and therefore there will be no BBQ Guru control device connected, you can simply regulate the oxygen flow manually by opening the draft.

    Manual control works very well even without electronic assistance, as long as the ambient temperature (e.g. overnight) does not change significantly. This means that once the draft has been adjusted, the temperature remains constant for many hours.

    The main difference is that with the brain of the system (the BBQ Guru control), once connected to the fan, it will give you remote access to your cooking session and once you are connected, you can adjust the temperature and receive alerts while you run errands, You work, you are in the office, with your family, watching a movie... that is, it gives you complete freedom. And this is where it makes the difference and is really worth it since it is capable of operating on autopilot for more than 24 hours with approximately 2.5 - 3 kg of charcoal.


With the UltraQ device, sync your Monolith with the cloud and the complementary features of the website.

Join our online community; Create and share recipes with other barbecue and cooking fans, see how other experts use the kamado, upload photos of your best dishes, and meet and encourage others to share your love of cooking.


This function allows you to reduce the temperature of the cooking space before the core temperature of the food is reached. If the temperature ramp mode is set to (rAY), it is activated at a low temperature (approximately 110° C). This mode is used for “long cooking”, with the idea that the food is not overcooked.

This function gradually reduces the cooking space temperature to the set center temperature of the food as soon as the difference between the temperatures detected by the cooking space sensor and the core temperature sensor is approximately 10°. c. The control unit maintains the temperature of the cooking space slightly above the core temperature as long as charcoal (fuel) is available.


This function allows the set temperature to be restored quickly after opening the lid. If “Lid Open” is set to (oLY) in the menu, lid open detection is enabled. When the lid is opened, the temperature is reduced. This sudden cooling can cause the fan to “force” the combustion of charcoal (fuel) and exceed the desired cooking temperature after closing the lid. This mode detects if the oven lid is open and minimizes fan operation during this time.

The temperature always increases if the cooking space lid is opened and closed frequently, even if the fan is turned off. In the factory setting, “Lid Open” mode is always activated. Disable this feature if you have problems with excessive airflow. In order to avoid false alarms, when this mode is activated no alarm sounds when the temperature is reduced and the lid is open.

Barbacoas de carbón

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