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The Eastwood Wifi pellet barbecue

Smokey Bandit

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The pellet barbecue is already a great success in the United States and is now also available in Spain.

This barbecue works completely automatically and is therefore extremely easy to use. The barbecue fuel consists of wood pellets used exclusively for food.

It is equipped with a unique burner system that works fully automatically and is therefore very easy to use.
With a digital temperature display and connection mode for a probe, it is perfect for measuring the exact temperature of the food being cooked and preparing each dish with great pleasure.

Depending on the required temperature, a quantity of granules/pellets is moved to a tank that ignites them.

The heat that comes from the lit pellets circulates around the grill, for perfectly homogeneous cooking.

DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL VIA WIFI AND BLUETOOTH. YOU CAN CONTROL IT FROM WHERE YOU WANT. Being able to do other things without losing control of cooking is as easy as looking at your phone with the app that is connected to the barbecue. It will be as easy as selecting the appropriate preparation method on the digital temperature display. It has a probe connection mode to measure the exact temperature of the meat, without having to open the valve. This means that flavor and quality are never compromised in cooking that requires a constant temperature.

Wood pellets are available in various flavors and their combustion is what will give your dish an exceptional final touch.

Versatility: They are barbecues designed for "slow cooking", that is, cooking without haste, slowly and at a constant temperature to bring out the maximum flavors of the food and preserve its juices and nutrients. You can also cook large pieces that require hours of cooking and the best of all is that it is versatile with fish and vegetables but also for grilling quick dishes such as kebabs or a marinated steak.

Protection against smoke: the smoke produced when lighting the pellets continues to circulate inside the oven lid while you cook without anything escaping. The lid has a unique closure strip that seals it so that smoke does not escape and aroma does not remain in the food. Additionally, this keeps the cooking area free of drafts so that the flavor and quality of the meat is not compromised. It also allows for a more comfortable and smooth closure when closing the lid.

High quality: The barbecue is made of steel with a heat-resistant powder coating. The grates are provided with a layer of enameled porcelain.

Easy to maintain: Moisture and fat from the meat are also transported to the special bucket on the outside of the barbecue, making it easy to remove. At the bottom of the barbecue, there is storage space for tools and accessories. With proper maintenance, the Eastwood barbecue can last for years. We recommend purchasing a protective case to protect it after use.

Tasteful: Smokey Bandit makes barbecue with flavor. From quick meals to dishes you don't have to worry about for hours. And for daily use throughout the year. No more arguing about who cooks, you're going to love it!


  • Pellet barbecue with automatic electric ignition.
  • Temperature control via app via WiFi or Bluetooth Different programmable temperatures
  • Oven probe and core temperature probe.
  • Versatile barbecue for all types of barbecues.
  • Power on with the push of a button.
  • Large pellet tank: 10 kg
  • Double wall lid with large oven lid and high quality hinges.
  • Oven lid with double layer ideal for maintaining the same temperature and low consumption in cold climates.
  • Double door lower cabinet with large storage.
  • Practical grease drainage.
  • Easy cleaning of the grease tray.
  • Stable and practical wheels for movement.
  • Double layer insulation for optimal temperature distribution.
  • Completely aluminized steel interior and stainless steel heat diffuser.
  • Very resistant enameled grills
  • Very economical.
  • 10kg of smoking pellets offer up to 40 hours of cooking. *Not included.
  • Prepared to use with the Smokey gun or with a rotisserie.
  • Cooking surface: 79 x 49 cm.
  • Hotplate: 70 x 16 cm.
  • Weight: 95 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 117 x 55 x 110 cm.
  • Powder coated steel body.
  • Color: black and bronze.
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