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Discover the pleasure of outdoor life with BeefEAter.

Our Discovery® barbecues are ideal for any occasion. You will love how easy they are to use, your family and friends will enjoy the delicious flavors. Designed to impress, choose from stainless steel or black enamel, with anti-rust grills.

The new BeefEater Discovery® 1600E 3B not only has an impressive design, but is packed with features that make it unique.

The Discovery® 1600 is sleek and modern, compact and powerful, easy to clean and maintain, and very easy to cook with Anti-Flare® technology.

This is a very practical built-in barbecue with cast iron burners and stainless steel vaporizers.

It has one of the most durable, flexible and efficient cooking systems available. Cast iron heats up quickly, maintains consistency and lasts a long time. With 17 MJ of power on each burner, you can always lower the power, allowing you to choose what you cook and how you cook it. And the stainless steel vaporizers efficiently disperse heat from the fire across the grill and griddle surface while reducing annoying flare-ups.

It is built to withstand high temperatures over time, the part where the burners are made of stainless steel coated with high quality porcelain. All parts of the barbecue are fully welded in all parts, so moisture and grease do not enter the gaps, creating rust or burning.

Oven or hood lid with double layer of steel to maintain the temperature even more and allow first-class indirect cooking.

Additionally, the window has an extra-large viewing window that allows you to see what is cooking.

This built-in barbecue from BeefEater is ideal for those who want a complete, practical and easy-to-use barbecue with Gourmet results.

Watch your food cook to perfection with either an open lid or a closed oven-style lid through convection cooking and without the need for messy lava rocks or charcoal, as all BeefEater gas barbecues They use unique stainless steel steamers to enhance the flavor of your food and allow for even heat distribution.


  • 3-burner gas barbecue with double-layer oven lid made of grade 304 stainless steel inside and outside grade 430 steel, control area grade 304 stainless steel
  • 3 cast iron burners.
  • Thermometer integrated into the lid.
  • Cooking surface with patented anti-corrosion treatment and matte porcelain finish.


    64 x 49 cm (width x depth)
    1 reversible grill measuring 32 x 49 cm + 1 reversible griddle measuring 32 x 49 cm

    Length: 69.8 cm. x Depth: 55.5 cm. Height: 51.7 cm. (90.3 cm. lid open)


  • 2 exclusive and patented stainless steel vaporizing heat deflectors.
  • Exclusive and patented quartz ignition integrated into the controls.
  • Zinc alloy controls with clear temperature range graphics.
  • Grease collection tray.
  • Ventilation grilles on the front panel to prevent overheating.
  • LIFT EASE lid opening system, with this opening system, you can stick the barbecue to the wall so that when you open the lid, it will not hit the wall.
  • All BeefEater models, by purchasing a conversion kit, can be used with natural gas.
  • Model available with cart. Ref. BDTR1631SAE
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