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Traeger IRONWOOD 650 Pellet Barbecue


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Traeger IRONWOOD 650 Pellet Barbecue, with Super Smoke mode that allows you to increase the wood flavor with the push of a button

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Traeger IRONWOOD 650 Pellet Barbecue

Traeger grills offer the cooking versatility of a traditional oven with the delicious flavor of outdoor barbecue.

IMPROVE YOUR FOOD PREPARATION: The IRONWOOD 650 is packed with additional features to help you take your cooking to the next level. Double sidewall insulation keeps heat levels constant to give you even more consistent results, while Super Smoke mode lets you increase wood-fired flavor with the push of a button.

CONTROL YOUR GRILL FROM ANYWHERE: WiFIRE® technology allows you to monitor your cooking, adjust the grill temperature and access more than 1,600 recipes through the Traeger app.

COOKING WITH WOOD IS SIMPLE: The D2 controller with digital display makes adjusting the grill temperature as easy as turning on an oven and allows you to adjust the temperature in 15°C increments

YOU'LL NEVER RUN OUT OF PELLETS AGAIN: The Traeger Pellet Sensor mounts to the hopper so you can monitor pellet levels and receive alerts when they're low.

RISK-FREE BARBECUE FLAVOR: The Downdraft Exhaust® system maintains a flow of fresh smoke over your food to ensure the best barbecue flavor possible.

INCREASE FLAVOR: Super Smoke mode increases the amount of smoke with the push of a button when maximum barbecue flavor is desired.

CONVENIENT COOKING MONITORING: The included meat probe allows you to monitor food temperature without lifting the lid.

EASY TO MOVE: Sturdy all-terrain wheels easily conquer any terrain in the yard.

HOTTER, FASTER: TurboTemp® improves start-up time and helps grill temperature recover faster after lifting the lid.

COOK CONTINUOUSLY ON ANY SECTOR OF THE GRILL: The TRU Convection® system directs smoke through specially designed channels, creating a vortex of heat and smoke that cooks food faster and more evenly without fear of flare-ups.

HOT AND FAST OR LOW AND SLOW: The dual-position adjustable lower smoke and broil rack allows you to place food closer to the fire when grilling on high heat or farther away when grilling on low heat.

EASILY CHANGE PELLETS: The hopper cleaning features a trap door that empties the hopper to change the flavor of the pellets quickly and easily.
Built to last: The industry's first brushless motor. It's powerful and built to last. DC power allows for improved consistency and precision.

CONSISTENT COOKING IN ANY WEATHER: Partially or fully insulated grill construction maintains heat for superior consistency, even in cold conditions.


  • d2 grill controller
  • wifi technology
  • direct drive d2
  • dual position lower rack for smoking/searing
  • temperature with turbo operation
  • convection system
  • downdraft system
  • pellet sensor
  • meat probe with double side wall interior storage compartment
  • 10.5kw | grill area of ​​4193.54 cm2
  • capacity: 6 pork loins or 5 ribs or 8 chickens
  • Hopper capacity: 9 kg
  • height: 119.38 cm | width: 116.84 cm | depth: 68.58 cm
  • weight: 67.6kg
  • maximum temperature: 260 °c
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