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MONOLITH JUNIOR RED 33 ø Pro Series 2.0


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Monolith Junior Pro Series 2.0 Features :

  • Made from extremely heat-resistant ceramic and high-quality stainless steel.

  • Ideal for 2 or 4 people and also as a supporting kamado barbecue for various preparations.

  • All Kamado Monoliths are equipped with a stainless steel and fiberglass gasket with high quality metal bands.

  • In addition, all models now have new cast iron exhaust valves, with an innovative sliding system that provides greater stability to regulate air flow.

  • Metal structure with easy-access basket and integrated cleaning system for collecting ashes and other waste generated during cooking.
    *Make sure when inserting the metal frame with the ceramic segments that the ash extraction opening is correctly aligned with the air inlet. You can find this information in the manual that is supplied with the Kamado.

  • Ash collection shovel included.

  • Highest quality ceramic fire bowl/brazier.

  • 1 perforated cast iron grate on which the charcoal is placed.

  • Very economical coal consumption. A practical example: With an outside temperature of only 4 ° C, the Kamado Monolith Junior was operated with a load of 900 g of charcoal for 15 hours at a continuous oven temperature of approximately 115 ° C. We are very confident that with the Using a little more charcoal (1kg without exceeding the limit) and higher outside temperatures, the operating time of 20 hours specified by the manufacturer can be considered absolutely realistic!
  • Deflector stone with elevator.

  • Stable stainless steel handles and bamboo wood front handle.
  • To ensure that all Monoliths are compatible with the Guru version, all our Kamado now have an adapter for the Guru blower (*accessory)
    The intelligent system consists of a fan that is placed at the outlet of the adapter pre-installed on the Pro Series 2.0, a temperature sensor placed on the grill grate that monitors the temperature of the cooking space and a digital control unit (BBQ Guru ) that regulates temperature control. If the temperature of the cooking space drops, the fan blows air (oxygen) into the combustion chamber and causes the charcoal to generate higher temperatures. Once the target temperature has been reached, the fan only blows air in batches so that it maintains the target temperature previously set on the BBQ Guru smart device.
    The device is available in different versions. If no BBQ Guru is connected, the BBQ Guru blower nozzle is simply closed with the supplied silicone plug and regulated manually. Manual control works very well even without electronic assistance, as long as the ambient temperature (e.g. overnight) does not change significantly. This means that once the draft has been adjusted, the temperature remains constant for many hours.

  • The lid can be removed thanks to the hinge and the Junior can be used as an open barbecue in which everyone shares around or place a steel plate (*accessory) to cook on top. It can be used as a grill, griddle or teppanyaki at different temperatures.

  • In the case of using an iron with the lid open, the temperature is very high in the areas located directly above the heat source, and a little lower in the outer parts where the iron protrudes. This way you can seal or roast the meat in the middle and then move it to the outer parts so that it finishes cooking and stays hot.

  • For fans of meat, fish, vegetables and pizza, the Monolith Junior leaves nothing to be desired. The best thing is that hungry guests do not have to wait long, since the grill heats up very quickly, and also allows you to maintain reduced temperatures with the lid closed, the popular "Slow cooking" (100 degrees) for up to 20 hours to be able to Enjoy without any rush a pleasant lunch or dinner with all the juice and flavor, taking us to a gastronomic experience of another level.
  • It is easily transported due to its light weight and compact size.

  • Fully compatible with Pro Series 1.0 innovations
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